Episode 11 – Teaching People with Randy Clark

Episode 11 – Teaching People with Randy Clark

We often approach life with a me-centered lens. Typically, the first things we consider in any situation are the benefits we will get, the challenges we will face, or the losses we will encounter. The need to lead, teach, and help others has never been more valuable. In a society where everyone has their own best interest at the forefront, we need people who are willing to step out and consider others.

How can we do that if we don’t have a 4-year degree or 3+ years of experience to qualify us for the job? Well, our experiences and failures are certainly good qualifiers in and of themselves. Now, I wouldn’t go teach people about orthopedic surgery just because I have experience with getting knee surgery. That’s not at all what I’m suggesting. But we can share our failures and experiences to help others grow and avoid making the same mistakes. If I learned the hard way that touching stoves hurts, then I can share that with others, hoping they don’t touch the stove themselves.

Make sure to check out this awesome episode with Randy Clark, an Amazon best-selling author, leadership guru, and business management trainer. Randy shares a unique perspective, shaped by years of experiences and failures. He went from knowing nothing about blogging to writing a book on blogging. This guy is an all-around rockstar that you’ll want to learn from!

Check out Randy’s website to learn more about the services he offers and read up on some awesome blog content! You can also visit his Amazon Author Page to pick up any of his extremely helpful books!


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