Episode 4 – Serving Your Community with Brandon Mott

Episode 4 – Serving Your Community with Brandon Mott

In this episode, we sit down with Brandon Mott, founder of Dat House and Lincoln Lane Coffee Shop. Brandon discusses his mission of serving his community and how that drives his business ventures.

When you sit down with business owners and entrepreneurs, you don’t usually expect to hear about the community at large. You typically want to hear about their drive, their successes, their failures, and how they got to be where they are. The problem with only looking for results, however, is that you will fail to recognize the people your pursuits exist for.

Having a community-first mentality when pursuing your business endeavors will allow for your product/service to be crafted with the consumer in mind. The consumer will have more impact on the goods/services they are purchasing. And this is a good thing. Because the last thing a customer wants is a business that doesn’t care about their wants or needs.

Make sure to check out this entire episode to learn more about how Brandon was able to serve his community through his business ventures!

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