Episode 6 – Moving Forward Boldly with Matt Jones

Episode 6 – Moving Forward Boldly with Matt Jones

In this episode, we sit down with Matt Jones, the founder and co-owner of one of the best barber shops in Indianapolis, Warfleigh Barber Shop! We learn all about the bold pursuit he had into his many ventures and how he hustled to get it all done!

One of the biggest discouragements for aspiring entrepreneurs is a lack of knowledge or experience. While having experience and knowledge in a certain field is definitely a plus, hard work and dedication are far more important. You can know everything, but all the knowledge in the world is useless if there is no drive to execute. It is important to solidify your driving force and move forward.

Matt is the perfect example of boldly moving forward, regardless of his experience or knowledge. He had a vision, he had a drive, and he boldly executed! Check out the full episode to learn more about where Matt came from and how he got to where he is today!

Stay Hustlin’!

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