Episode 9 – Growth & Leadership with Bennett Grove

Episode 9 – Growth & Leadership with Bennett Grove

There is always room for improvement in life, no matter how young or old you may be. Even those with the most experience and knowledge in the world have areas to grow. In this episode, we hear from Bennett Grove, who seeks to instill growth and leadership in those around him. As a retired Air Force Firefighter, he has implemented some amazing things into his entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, he does leadership coaching/consulting with Firepreneurs and he owns/operates one of Indy’s top junk removal companies, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal.

Work, when complemented with growth and leadership training, has the potential for astronomical amounts of success. It is important to take your eyes off the numbers for a second to assess and manage the growth and leadership of yourself and your team.

Be sure to check out Fire Dawgs and Firepreneurs to take advantage of all the services they have to offer! You won’t be disappointed!

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Stay Hustlin’!

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